What is the so-called cement mortar?

A mortar with which we can form aesthetically flawless, watertight, durable and ecological surfaces.

Used in:

  • Interior and exterior flooring

  • Walls

  • Benches

  • Sinks

  • Bathtubs

  • Furniture

  • Stairs

Characteristics :

  • Very high strength

  • It is applied to almost all surfaces

  • It's waterproof

  • It is applied indoors and outdoors

  • Resists temperature changes

  • It is antifungal



Pressed cement mortar is a natural ecological material in the form of dust , consisting of grass, river sand, and hydraulic lime.

Mixing the ingredients with water gives a very powerful mortar with a much reduced chance of cracking due to the absence of cement.

It is made of a thickness of 3-4 mm on almost all surfaces with a wide variety of color options.

Then a special varnish of protection is applied which gives the final matte or glossy texture.

It is an ideal solution for reconstructions as it has very good adhesion to the existing floor (tile, marble, mosaic) and thus avoids the dismantling of the old materials,