When should I make a thermal insulation on my walls;

When should I make a thermal insulation on my walls;

When there is a lot of heat in the summer or it's very cold in the winter

When I spend a lot on heating or cooling

When the facades of my building are being renovated




A. Substrate preparation

1. Repair of coatings.

2.Weighing the building and placing metal guides

B. Thermal insulation installation


3.Installation of heat insulations in different thicknesses. The plates are fixed with special glue and mechanically supported with suitable anchors.

4.Filling of the generated surface with low expansion polyurethane foam 

C. Final surface construction

5.Coating with the basic coating layer, which is permeable to water vapor

6. Boxing on the base layer of anti-skid reinforcement glass.

7.The system is reinforced at angles with mesh angles and at the top of the apertures with water reservoirs.

8.Applying Primer to the Finishing Layer

9.Creating the final surface, with acrylic silicone coating, waterproof with high water vapor permeability, in various thicknesses and colors, with great weather resistance.